School Policies and Procedures

Any issues or concerns are best written, emailed or messaged by phone so that class time is not interrupted.

The school prides itself on keeping classes small and personal with an emphasis on good technique taught by superior instructors to develop student’s talents giving them a lifetime appreciation of dance and the associated arts and skills. Dances, music and costuming are age appropriate. The school strives to introduce students to dance as a fun experience.

Required dance attire: Wear solid black leotards, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes and jazz students wear black v-cut lycra straight leg jazz pants over the above outfit with black jazz shoes (names On all items). Boys wear white t-shirts and black jazz pants.

Wear hair off the face pulled back in a bun with a hair net

No jewelry

Wear cover-up and street shoes to and from class

Please put names in shoes and on all items.

Attend class regularly. Tardiness and high absenteeism cause students to feel awkward and interrupt the flow and productivity of classes. Warm up exercises are vital and, if late, you will be asked to observe rather than participate.

Ballet class is highly recommended for all students. Ballet provides the necessary technique to progress in other styles of dance and developing strength, flexibility, coordination, grace, and an appreciation of the Art.

No gum or food in the studio. Water bottle is OK.

Parents are encouraged not to observe classes without the permission of the instructor. Observation days will be posted. Students are easily distracted, so as soon as you and the student are acquainted with the new environment, it is advantageous to his/her development to be alone with the teacher. Older students are self-conscious and need a comfortable learning environment.

Student Safety: Students must not leave the studio until a parent comes to the door.

Shoe Exchange: A box of shoes remains in the studio throughout the year. If there is no price you may borrow and return shoes when outgrown. Please label shoes with exchange or price, size, name and address. Transactions are between individuals and not the responsibility of the studio.

Returned Checks: A fee of $25.00 will be charged for all returned checks.

Please arrive on time and pick up students promptly. Late pick up fee $25.

Thank you for your attention to these policies.